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Ph. D. Placements

For department placement data overview please visit College of Liberal Arts placement page.

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2015

John Hoenig, Penn State University
Advisor: Cross

Sara Hoffman, Unknown
Advisor: Halpern/Knoppers

Antwain Hunter, Butler University
Advisor: Kaye

Robert Shafer, Veterans Benefits Administration
Advisor: De Schaepdrijver

Sean Trainor, Santa Fe College (Florida)
Advisor: Greenberg

Eric Welch, University of Kansas
Advisor: Halpern/Knoppers

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2014

Philip  Hnatkovich, Non-Academic Private Sector
Advisor: Beaver

Kevin Lowe, Non-Academic Private Sector
Advisor: Philip Jenkins

Michael Tuttle, Marine Services Division at HRA Gray & Pape LLC
Advisor: Pencak

Hongyan Xiang, Colorado State University
Advisor: Hsia

David J. Hensley, Georgia Highlands College
Advisor: De Schaepdrijver

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2013

William Bryan, Georgia State University
Advisor: Blair (Rome)

Aryendra Chakravartty, Stephen F. Austin University
Advisor: Atwill (Chatterjee)

Margaret Cohen, W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research
Advisor: Halpern

Spencer Delbridge, Prodigy Cultural Arts Program (Florida)
Advisor: Restall

Andrea Gatzke, SUNY, New Paltz
Advisor: Fagan

Lauren Kaplow, Concordia University in Montréal
Advisor: Harvey

Rachel Moran, University of North Texas 
Advisor: Ginzberg

Kenneth Ristau, Non-Academic Private Sector, Grant MacEwan University
Advisor: Knoppers

Jeffrey Rop, University of Minnesota (Duluth)
Advisor: Munn

Stephen Wolpern, Cisco Systems (California)
Advisor: Cross

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2012

Valentina Cesco, Unknown
Advisor: Landes

David Greenspoon, Gerstall Academy (MD)
Advisor: Ginzberg

Jason Strandquist, Youth Program Manager at Hands on Nashville
Advisor: Hsia

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2011

Axel Utz, Apple Inc., CA
Advisor: Roeber

Jonathan Greer, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
Advisor: Halpern and Knoppers

Deirdre Fulton, Baylor University
Advisor: Knoppers

Anne Brinton, University of Maryland University College - Europe
Advisor: Blair

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2010

Timothy Wesley, Austin Peay State University 
Advisor: Blair

Matthew Isham, Richards Civil War Era Center, PSU
Advisor: Neely

David Lunt, University of Southern Utah
Advisor: Munn

Robert Schwaller, Kansas University
Advisor: Restall

Mark Christensen, Assumption College
Advisor: Restall

Timothy Orr, Old Dominion University
Advisor: Reardon

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2009
John Visconti, Non-Academic Private Sector
Advisor: Hsia

Gregory Murry, Mount St. Mary College
Advisor: Hsia

Utsa Ray, Jadavpur University, India
Advisor: Sinha

Russell Spinney, Sante Fe Prepatory Academy, NM
Advisor: Eghigian

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2008
Alexander Krivonosov, Non-Academic Private Sector
Advisor: Pencak

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2007
Daniel Hicks, Various - DC area
Advisor: Pencak

Sarah Lawrence, Non-Academic Private Sector
Advisor: Ginzberg/Mittelstadt

Matthew Adams, W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research
Advisor: Redford

Christine Reese, Louisiana College
Advisor: Roeber

Jan Logemann, German Historical Institute
Advisor: Cross

David Beougher, United States Military Academy, West Point
Advisor: Hudson

Tyler Flynn, Eastern University
Advisor: Cross

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2006
Jonathan David, Gettysburg College
Advisor: Munn

Robert Faber, Non-Academic Private Sector
Advisor: Rose

Jana Byars, Iowa State University
Advisor: Ruggiero/Restall

Charles Lumpkins, Penn State (FT)
Advisor: Woodruff

David Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton
Advisor: Blair

Karen Younger, Waynesburg University
Advisor: Ginzberg

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2005
Jason Frederick, Lawrence University
Advisor: Restall

Barbara Gannon, University of Central Florida
Advisor: Neely

Michael Smith, McNeese State University
Advisor: Neely

Charles Yood, Non-Academic Private Sector
Advisor: Pencak

Rangar Cline, University of Oklahoma
Advisor: Harvey

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2004
Jennifer Davis, University of Oklahoma
Advisor: Landes

Padhraig Higgins, Mercer County Community College
Advisor: Beaver

Meredith Lair, George Mason University
Advisor: Woodruff

Amy Cook, University of West Florida
Advisor: Pencak

Sarah Goodfellow, Non-Academic Private Sector
Advisor: Schiebinger

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2003
Lynne Fallwell, Texas Tech University
Advisor: Proctor

Robert Sandow, Lock Haven University
Advisor: Blair

Randy Wood, Lee University
Advisor: Beaver

John Harvey, Concord University
Advisor: Silverman

Jonathan Berkey, Concord University
Advisor: Blair

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2002
Andrew Slap, East Tennessee State University
Advisor: Neely

Edward Osowski, John Abbott College
Advisor: Restall

Eichard Zionts, Retired
Advisor: Harvey

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2001
Christian Keller, U.S. Army War College
Advisor: Neely

Philip Rutherford, Marshall University
Advisor: Silverman

Joseph Cope, SUNY-Geneseo
Advisor: Beaver

James Weeks, Deceased
Advisor: Cross

Timothy Wilson, Senior Analyst, GAO
Advisor: White

Keith Bohannon, State University of West Georgia
Advisor: Neely

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2000
Timothy Howe, St. Olaf College
Advisor: Munn

Ph.D.s Awarded in 1999
Frank Chua, Mansfield University
Advisor: Cross

Joseph Finnan, SUNY-Oswego
Advisor: Jenkins

Joseph Lucas, The Historical Society-Boston University
Advisor: Roeber

Shannon Rogers, CUNA Mutual Group
Advisor: Hudson

Greta deJong, University of Nevada-Reno
Advisor: Woodruff

Pen-Li Yu, Embassy of Taiwan
Advisor: Duiker

Fredrick Glennwright, East Lycoming School District
Advisor: Ameringer

Karol Weaver, Susquehanna University
Advisor: Schiebinger

Ph.D.s Awarded in 1998
Mary Valante, Appalachian State University
Advisor: Hudson

Darlene Hall, Lake Erie College
Advisor: Hudson

Patrice Olsen, Illinois State University
Advisor: Ameringer

Jeanne Reames-Zimmerman, University of Nebraska-Omaha
Advisor: Borza

Ph.D.s Awarded in 1997
Charles Holden, St. Mary's College of Maryland
Advisor: Woodruff

Hsiang-Wang Liu, University of Minnesota, Morris
Advisor: Duiker

Christine Colin, Mercyhurst College
Advisor: Spielvogel

Clarissa Confer, CA University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Gallagher

Ph.D.s Awarded in 1996
Ishita Ghosh, Berry Mountain Sojourn University (formerly at Winthrop University)
Advisor: White

Michael Gabriel, Kutztown University
Advisor: Reardon

Peter Carmichael, Gettysburg College
Advisor: Gallagher

Ph.D.s Awarded in 1995
David Redles, Cuyahoga Community College
Advisor: Spielvogel

News and Events
Sean Trainor, Bill Cossen and Paul Matzko each won the Liberal Arts External Incentive Award
Graduate Student Bill Cossen: Jeopardy Champ!
Bill Cossen has been awarded the Bernard Bellush Prize
Rob Shafer has been awarded a fellowship opportunity
David G. Smith's book has been published
Rachel Moran was featured on BackStory with the American History Guys
Bill Cossen has been awarded a research travel grant
John Hoenig's article will be published in the Winter of 2013
Sean Trainor will be presenting his paper in Washington, DC
Jan Logemann's book has been published
Scott Cave has won numerous fellowships and awards
Courtney Rong Fu and Kwok-leong Tang have received research travel grants from the China and Inner Asia Council (CIAC) of the Association for Asian Studies.
Evan Rothera was awarded a Research Fellowship for the Study of the Global South from the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South and the Richard A. Baker Graduate Student Research Travel Grant from the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress.
Emily Seitz has won the M. Louise Carpenter Gloeckner, M.D. Summer Research Fellowship from the Drexel College of Medicine Archives and a Wood Institute Travel Grant from the College of Physicians in Philadelphia
Kwok-leong Tang has been awarded a semester residency for the Spring 2016 at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities
Evan Rothera won the Outstanding Graduate Paper Award
Alfred Wallace was awarded the Rear Admiral Ernest M. Eller Graduate Research Grant
Hongyan Xiang was granted a research travel award by the Asian Institute
Hsin-fang Wu awarded a dissertation fellowship
Bill Cossen has been awarded the Dorothy Mohler Research Grant
Courtney Rong Fu's chapter has been published
Sean Trainor has been awarded a short-term fellowship
Deirdre Fulton has accepted a new position
Bill Cossen has won the 2012 George P. Hammond prize
ShaVonte Mills wins Archie K. Davis Fellowship
History Majors win three thesis awards
Emily Seitz writes piece for the blog Nursing Clio
Sara Kern receives travel grant
Megan McDonie receives two Fellowships
Chris Valesey receives FLAS Fellowship from Vanderbilt University
Emily Seitz received the Wood Institute Travel Grant from the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Joo Hyun Sheen has won an RGSO dissertation support grant
Tyler Sperrazza has been offered and has accepted the graduate internship position in the Office of Digital Pedagogy
Peter Van Lidth De Jeude has been offered a full time position at Principia College
Will Bryan has won an award
Katie Falvo has been granted a fellowship award
Andrea Gatzke has been appointed Assistant Professor
Bill Cossen's article appears in The South Carolina Historical Magazine
David Hensley accepts position at Queens University, Belfast
Tyler Sperrazza selected for the Filson MA Fellowship
Kenneth Ristau has accepted a position at MacEwan University
Courtney Rong Fu recently presented a paper at West Chester University
Michael Tuttle recently presented a paper at the R.S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology
Michael Gabriel has won an award
Jennifer J. Davis's book has been published
Christine Reese has accepted a tenure-track position with Louisiana College
Andrea Gatzke wins 2012 IAH Summer Residency
Evan Rothera receives Thomas Critchlow Award and Sigmund Strochlitz Travel Grant
Scott Cave has been chosen for the CEMS IAH Fellowship for 2016.
Evan Rothera won the Lawrence T. Jones III Research Fellowship
Tyler Sperrazza has won a Russell F. Weigley Travel Award
Bill Cossen has been awarded the Presidential Graduate Scholarship from the American Catholic Historical Association
Scott Cave has received a Mayers Fellowship at the Huntington Library in California.
Evan Rothera awarded a Burney Parker Research Fellowship from Baylor University and the Portal to Texas History Research Fellowship from the University of North Texas
John Hoenig studies quest for the 12-month tomato
Bill Cossen recently presented a paper
Hongyan Xiang's article has been published
Scott Cave has been chosen for the Lydia Cabrera Award
Rachel Moran received a Postdoctoral Fellowship
Sean Trainor's articles have recently been featured
Sean Trainor was recently interviewed
Cecily Zander has piece published on Muster
Bill Cossen has been named a finalist for the Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
Bill Cossen's article will be published
David Hensley's article will appear in the Journal of Belgian History
Bill Cossen has been awarded the Presidential Graduate Scholarship
Scott Cave has been accepted to a conference on “Colonial Christian missions and their legacies”
Bill Cossen's article has been accepted for an upcoming issue
Evan Rothera received a Filson Fellowship
Utsa Ray, a 2009 PhD graduate, has been appointed
John Hoenig's article appeared in Business History Review
Bill Cossen's article has appeared in American Catholic Studies
Lauren Kaplow has accepted a visiting Assistant Professorship
Jeffrey Rop has accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professorship
Tim Wesley has accepted a tenure-track position
Courtney Rong Fu has been named a 2014 Career Development Awardee
Antwain Hunter has accepted a tenure-track position
Sean Trainor's article has appeared in The Appendix
Eric Welch has been offered a Hill Dissertation Fellowship
Hsin-fang Wu has been named a 2014 Career Development Awardee
Sean Trainor was recently interviewed
William Cossen elected as GSA Representative
Sean Trainor awarded two fellowships
Hongyan Xiang receives USF Ricci Doctoral Research Fellowship
Three students awarded IAH Graduate Student Summer Residencies
Three students place in the Graduate School's Graduate Exhibition
Bill Cossen's paper has been accepted
Jason Strandquist has been selected as a participant
Sean Trainor was recently awarded
Mark Christensen's first book has been published
Michael Tuttle wins Clark G. Reynold Student Paper Award for his paper entitled "Women in Western Waters: Myth and Reality"
Evan Rothera presents paper entitled “Beyond Comparative Emancipation: Comparative Reconstructions as a Category of Analysis" at an international conference in Germany
Evan Rothera presents paper at interdisciplinary conference at Chestnut Hill College
Rachel Moran presents paper, awarded NSF travel grant
Chris Hayashida-Knight has received a research grant
Sean Trainor has been awarded a fellowship
The Richards Center and our graduate students were featured in an article
Hongyan Xiang recently gave a talk at the University of Toronto
Karen Younger (PhD, 2006) has accepted a position
Bill Cossen presented paper "When Al Smith is President': The Protestant Other and the Politics of Anti-Catholicism in the 1928 Presidential Election"
Courtney Rong Fu accepted as the Humanities Without Walls (HWW) Pre-Doctoral Fellow for 2016 Summer Workshop in Chicago.
Evan Rothera has received a Lawrence Gelfand - Armin Rappaport - Walter LaFeber Dissertation Fellowship from the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations.
Will Bryan has been selected as a nominee
Bill Cossen was recently interviewed
Will Bryan received a Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Paul Matzko has been awarded the LA External Funding Incentive Award
Sean Trainor's article appeared as this fall's cover article in Early American Studies
Bill Cossen's article will appear in a forthcoming issue of The Catholic Historical Review
Christopher Hayashida-Knight has won the Liberal Arts External Incentive Award
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